ICC YAF: Startups and Dispute Resolution

San Francisco.

Beautiful weather, Golden Gate Bridge, origin of Hippie Culture, Silicon Valley, and Innovation.  These are just a few of the images that come to mind when we hear of this city (other than place of arbitration).  The ICC YAF focused on the last two images at Baker and McKenzie’s San Francisco office on 2 May at the ICC YAF event titled, “Startups and Dispute Resolution.”

Joining the Roundtable discussion were in-house counsel at the hottest startup companies headquartered in San Francisco and a seasoned international arbitration practitioner with experience counseling startup and tech companies: Liza Kostinskaya, Legal Counsel at Gusto, Victor Song, Associate General Counsel at Fitbit, Inc., and Dan Tan, Principle at Dan Tan Law.  The discussion was moderated by Teresa Michaud, Partner at Baker & McKenzie.


The discussion took a novel approach, and diverged from the traditional topics at ICC YAF events.  The Roundtable focused on the various legal issues emerging companies face, including employment and tech disputes, and how dispute resolution could play an integral role in a companies’ overall growth/business strategy.  The audience was delightfully proactive and engaged, which facilitated a lively conversation.  After the discussion, one of the panelists commented, “I think I will go back and take a look at the dispute resolution clause that we use.”

Sounds like success.